Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Balmoral House hotel's Check-in and Check-out times?

Balmoral house hotel guest room check in time in time is 14:00PM and checkout time is 11:00A.M. If you arrive before the check in time, your room may not be available. Guests are more than welcome to leave their luggage with us. Our receptionist are available 24 hours.

Do Balmoral House Hotel staff speak Spanish?

Balmoral House Hotel's staff members are literate in Spanish for the convenience of our guests.

Where can I get tourist Information?

Balmoral House Hotel is centrally located in London. There are lots of great attractions, restaurants, bars, coffee shops and so forth within walking distance of the house. Our staff will be happy to provide suggestions.

Do Balmoral House Hotel bedrooms have free WIFI?

Our Free Wifi is available throughout the hotel and bedrooms, kindly ask the receptionist for details upon arrival.

Where and when is breakfast served at the Balmoral House Hotel?

Our free continental and full English breakfast is served on the ground floor at our main building - 156 Sussex Gardens between 06:00AM - 08:30AM daily.

Does Balmoral House Hotel have a Pets Policy?

Balmoral House Hotel operates a strict no pets policy.

Is Balmoral House Hotel a Non-smoking hotel?

Balmoral House Hotel is a non-smoking hotel. Smoking is strictly forbidden in any location within our hotel.

Can I use the bedroom phone to make external phone calls?

Our bedroom phones work within the hotel's intercom only. If you wish to make calls externally we would suggest you look into the amazing range of  economical SIM cards available around local phone shops, or use your mobile roaming plan where suited.

How safe is Balmoral House Hotel?

Balmoral House Hotel is located in a very safe area of London. The hotel also has CCTV cameras for added security. Guests are urged to be vigilant non the less and report anything suspicious to hotel staff.

Are there are car parks near Balmoral House Hotel?

There are several car parks located near the hotel, please view our location page for more information.

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